jueves, 16 de agosto de 2012

Sophie Zelmani-You can always long for may

Uhmmmm.... com m´agrada aquesta cucada.-.. És de  fa uns tres anys però és maquissima de  veritat.
Fixeu-vos amb la lletra... i amb el punteig de guitarra
Com diu la Sophie... Et  portaré aquí els teus amants, els robaré d´on sigui, tots els amants que tu puguis necessitar, un perque et faci dormir, un altre que et faci viure, i un altre que et faci respirar....

Don't go after him! Don't go after him! Don't go after him! Don't go!
On our walk today, You were about to lift and stir against. Where he's been blowing to,
Don't get fooled by him, It isn't him, it's just may! You feel on your skin, It's making love to you,
As it didn't know. How love can make One's sorrow grow? Take me home again! I will lock you in
Until you've rested on the couch...
I loved it yesterday, You took me out of play, But for every laugh I hear a cry and a prayer.
So when day is done, Please don't go!
He doesn't want you to . He doesn't want you To go his way...
You can't ask for him, He won't let you in, You can always long for may...
I'll bring your lovers here, Steal them from everywhere, All lovers you might need. One to make you sleep,
One to make you live, And one to make you breathe... Please don't go!
Don't be thinking of You will find him on the way. He is gone, he'll never come,
But you Can always... long for may! Don't go after him,

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